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Temporary Guardianship Without Court Form: What You Should Know

Also, hereby waive any existing rights the Children currently holds in their father/mother under: 1. Statute 12.02.030 — Civil Code; 2. Constitutional Rights of Due Process; 4. Right to be Foremost in the Domestic Relations 6. Parental Rights; and 7. Parental Involvement in a Grandparent Custody Battle. Do hereby certify under penalty of perjury in the presence of (Name and Title of Court) that: 1. (Name of Signer) has reviewed the agreement above; 2.  I am acting in good faith; 3. (Name and Title of Party) is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 4. (Name and Title of Court) is not in the unlawful employment of (Name of Signer); 5. (Name of Signer) does not believe that, in the interest of the Child, there is a risk of abuse or neglect if there is no appointed guardian or in the interest of the Child or the Child is unable to defend in court; 6. (Name and Title of Court) is not a party to, or is not aware of, criminal charges against (Name of Signer); 7. (Name and Title of Court) has not been threatened with removal from or the termination of my employment related to my relationship with (Name of Signer), (Name if Child) or any other child or their parents; 8. (Name and Title of Court) has not received any financial benefit or personal benefit; 9. (Name of Signer) is not in the unlawful employment of (Name of Signer); 10. (Name of Signer) is not a party to, or aware of, criminal charges against (Name of Signer), (Name if Child) or any other child or their parents; 11. (Name and Title of Court) has not received any financial benefit and/or personal benefit from (Name of Signer) for the above-notary act; 12. (Name and/or Title of Court) will not use my role in the guardian placement process to benefit any party other than the Child's parents and/or their legal representative(s); and 13. (Name and Title of Court) has not received any compensation for providing information (if available), or otherwise acting in the process as a guardian in any capacity whatsoever.

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FAQ - Temporary Guardianship Without Court

How can I grant the temporary guardianship of my child to a family member?
If you can afford it I suggest hiring a family law attorney. If not, you need to do some research on how to write a guardianship document. You want to include control over health, the ability to obtain health insurance, monthly payment from bio parent to guardian if any.The library has good books on how to do this and how to bring it to court. I would trust this method over an online source.
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How can I proceed to the Supreme Court after 9 years for filling out a petition?
I consider the 9 years as a judgement or order by the lower court.According to the Supreme Court Rules, 1966A petition need to be filed within 30 days from the date of the order or judgement.So,No. You can't file a petition after 9 years.
How can I allow my mother to have guardianship of my daughter without losing my parental rights?
At least in Nevada, you can grant someone temporary guardianship, and specify a length of time, or have it be indefinitely. I am NOT a lawyer, but I would bet that, assuming your mother didn't fight you for custody, doing it yourself would be better then ending up with a court order. Your mom needs guardianship for a lot of things, for instance if she is in school, or needs medical attention. Try to find a lawyer to talk to ( many libraries have free lawyer advice days) to make sure that I am correct.
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