What to expect at a temporary custody hearing
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What to expect at a temporary custody hearing

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What do I need to take with me to a child custody contempt hearing against my STBX? Can I seek to modify the custody order at the hearing?
It’s unclear if you are the one who has the contempt hearing or STBX. Regardless, different judges do wildly different things. Never know in family court especially with no lawyers and no one brings a court reporter. Most judges would not hear a motion to modify custody at a rule to show cause hearing. A few would. To move things along. It’s improper.If you are to be held in contempt advise the judge why you should not be held in contempt. Bring whatever supports your claim. Don’t be argumentative.If it’s your ex looking at being held in contempt you just need to show up. judge will ask you whatever he needs to. Try not to interrupt. If you want him/her held in contempt ask yourself why. Many judges see a contentious litigant as difficult and usually rules against them. If it’s for attorneys fees it’s understandable. Otherwise just say you want what’s in the kids best interest and focus on the kids in any statements.If you aren’t getting to see them bring dates. Phone records. Photos from social media. Texts. Whatever goes to your immediate need to see the kids.Most judges won’t admit it but retired judges have told me they knew in first few seconds or minutes what they were going to rule. So be civil.
How long after applying for a position at Google should one expect to hear the outcome of their application?
There's no clear amount of time. It's not a rejection until it's a rejection. No response really just means that your resume hasn't been looked at.If you went through to the final interview for an internship position, it likely means that you did fairly well. When you apply to Google, make sure that the person who's reading your application knows that you previously applied and got through several interviews. It'll likely work to your advantage. This would be a good place to use a cover letter. If possible though, work directly with your prior recruiter.
How is an average person expected to get through life in the US without a bureaucracy consultant to advise on how to properly fill out all the paperwork?
The lawmakers expect a reasonable average person to be able to guide self through the maze of laws and regulations.Still, some people value their time or are truthful about their abilities to comprehend things, and instead of getting a self-taught degree in taxation or legal intricacies of a company formation (and accounting/financial issues associated with that), those people choose to hire a professional specializing in those areas.I am personally an accountant (corporate accounting) which is as far away from personal taxes as you can imagine, my tax returns are tied to my spouse's and due to presence of several items which are not a common occurrence in an average person's life, I am not even trying to complete our taxes.I do my due diligence with all the information gathering, schedules, support documentation, record retention and such but I can't spend days pouring over it all to come up with a final number.So, I pay a professional to be on time, on spec, and on budget.With respect to legal advice, laws in US vary by state, so me being able to spend 3 years in law school, and then more years trying to be admitted to each of the Bar associations, and then have the ability to research cases for precedents - that's just not reasonable.Still, there are others who actually love this process, are knowledgeable, and can tell me a solution to my problem within 20 mins. Isn't this worth my money?
What is the purpose of filling a temporary tooth?
By temporary tooth, I assume you mean deciduous tooth?If a deciduous tooth needs filling, there is obviously decay in the tooth. Decay is a bacterial disease process. It’s generally frowned upon in the medical world to leave children to walk around with bacterial disease processes. The sequalae could include abscess, facial swelling, brain abscess and death.If you’re asking “why do we fill them rather than pull them out?”. Well, deciduous have a function just like adult teeth. Chewing, aesthetics, stability and comfort. Early loss of deciduous teeth not only imprints a disposable attitude towards teeth for kids, but it can have complicated orthodontic implications too.
What should I do at Deloitte? I have been trained at Oracle, put in a SAP Project as a temporary shadow resource and filling out Excel sheets, which isn't adding anything to my resume.
This is a common situation, please don’t worry. Deloitte Leadership teams always try their best to give their professionals best opportunities. In projects based firm, there would be dull and peak staffing periods. You would be pulled back as when Oracle needs arise.My suggestion: Stay calm, work on whatever actvities assigned to you. Treat this opportunity to explore non-oracle Technology world. Give the best even if it is excel based work..get recognition from SAP management..make good contacts within Oracle and outside Oracle offering…..you never know anything can happen anywhere, any time in the form of reward… Love Yourself..Love What You Do….Stay Positive…Things Do Change!!If things don’t change for long…and you are not liking..then take decisions which makes you happy as a last resort!Good Luck!!
What is a pre-preliminary hearing for a felony case, and what can I expect to happen at that hearing?
Before you can be put through the ordeal of having a felony trial a judge, or a grand jury, has to pass on the possible merits of the case.Just being indicted for a felony is very damaging so you have this protection.However you have probably heard the saying “A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.” This is sort of true also for a preliminary hearing (which is an alternative to a grand jury in California).I have seen judges throw cases out at a preliminary hearing. It’s usually not done based on the credibility of witnesses. And example is where is the DA charged my client with assault with a deadly weapon, but all she had done was break out the back window of her neighbors SUV which the neighbor was driving. She did this because they were having a feud.The judge said that was not assault with a deadly weapon even if true and dismissed the case.To answer the question: the odds are very great that a person will be held over to answer at a felony trial if a preliminary hearing is actually held.
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