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How to get Temporary Custody of a child that is not yours Form: What You Should Know

Temporary Medical Guardianship — Family Law Self-Help Center The parents will sign and notarize a temporary medical guardianship agreement. Only one parent's signature is needed if the other parent is deceased, unknown, has no  interest in the child and/or is unable to go to court at that time. Temporary Protective Order The parents will sign something that is called a “Temporary Protective Order.” In this case, the temporary restraining order will “expiration date” when it is signed. Temporary Protective Order — Family Law Self-Help Center This type of order is called a “Temporary Protective Order” because it is to be used against the other parent when there is a threat of imminent danger to the child or other children (as defined below). The parents will sign and notarize a temporary protective order.  What are the benefits of Temporary Guardianship? The court will appoint temporary guardians for a child. This means that you are temporarily given power, and responsibility, over this young child. You will not go to court to get a permanent guardianship, but you  will temporarily be able to take care of the child, see the child and the child's parents.   If you are a single parent who is not working, or if you are not  earning enough to live on, you can still use this form to ask for custody, visitation or support in a temporary guardian proceeding. Temporary Guardianship — Family Law Self-Help Center Temporary guardianship have several legal meanings, including: Temporary guardianship by  parents This means that there are two parents, and they agree to work together. If the judge decides there is no chance that one or both of the parents will be able to raise the child, then the judge may make temporary guardians to take care of the child, when the other parent can't work, or won't be able to. When one or both of the parents' dies, or the other parent is incapacitated, then Temporary guardianship by the court with the advice of the child's physician. This is a court order that the court approves of (requires) the parenting time orders and all parenting schedule arrangements for the child. Only one parent is required to sign, in order for the agreement to be valid with the court.

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FAQ - How to get Temporary Custody of a child that is not yours

How do I file emergency custody in a different state?
How long has he been with you? The UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act) decides where jurisdiction of a child, for the purposes of custody, lies. Generally a child needs to be present in a state for at least six consecutive months before said state can assume jurisdiction to handle any custody issues. HOWEVER, it is not with out loopholes. Specifically if the child has substantial connections where he is. This means school, friends, sports, extended family... Sometimes if you petition the state to assume emergency jurisdiction based on that and the reason it is needed, the state will oblige. You would do best with a lawyer to help you through this process, but some state/county court websites have printable forms to fill out. Your first step is to petition the court for emergency jurisdiction, siting your child's substantial connection to the state. With that filing you submit a separate motion for emergency temporary custody due to your ex's current situation, which is the substantial change in circumstance you need to get custody changed, at all or ever. If your intention is permanent custody, go for temporary custody, pending permanent custody motion/proceedings. Emergency custody is rarely permanent. Judges do not like making permanent custody orders under emergency circumstances.The judge in your state will make a phone call to the judge that decided custody in the order that awarded your ex custody. They will chat and permission should be granted to your judge to officially assume jurisdiction. If it is not, then you will need to go to the other state and file for emergency custody there.
What is the fastest way to get a temporary custody of a child that's in danger?
If the child is in immediate danger this moment, stop reading this and call the police. Tell them a child is being harmed and they will come fast. If the child is not being harmed this very moment but is experiencing harm, Google the number of your local child and family services (social services) office and ask to file a formal complaint.You can also talk to a mandated reporter (professional who is required by law to reporter when a child is being harmed) such as a doctor or teacher.Once social services or the police are involved , you can ask them to help you complete the steps to apply for emergency custody. If you are not immediate family you will likely need extensive background checks (and depending on your location may need them even if you are family).If needed and you run into obstacles, enlist the help of a child and family attorney or child advocate.Children are our most vulnerable segment of society and it is a privilege to step in and help when one is in danger. You will change his or her little life by bringing safety and care.
How did your child's mother react to a custody order that was ruled in favor of the father?
A little background history:I am an American and living in Germany for more than 30 years. My wife is a German citizen, but originally from the Ukraine. She has lived here in Germany for almost 18 years.5 years ago my wife decided that she did not want to be married to me anymore. She decided that she want to enjoy the single life that she had missed life as she got married and become a mother relatively young (23).I will not go into details, but basically she started acting like she was 18 to 20 years old (she was 35 to 36 during this time frame) and not behaving as a mother should in many different ways. I could not care less about how she treated me, but not take proper care of our children? Now that really made me upset.She thought (mostly because her friends told her so) that she would get full custody of the kids, the house and everything in it, I would be put in the street, she could sit at home and receive 70 to 80% of my paycheck and I would watch the kids whenever she felt like going out (which was basically when I was not working).It took a while for various reasons (legal and otherwise), but after about one year of her bullshit and behavior she was given a very loud and resounding reality check.German divorce and child custody laws are the most gender neutral that I know of (could be wrong, but my experience with divorce and child custody laws are solely in Germany). Also after age 10 the kids get to choose which parent to live with (that is one of the reasons it took so long as I had to wait until my daughter turned 10 to sue for custody).I went to 4 lawyers before I found the one that asked me what I wanted, not what my wifeu2019s rights were.So I sued her for divorce and full custody of the kids and requested what the Germans call a wohnen zuweisen or right of residence which determines who stays in the current residence and who moves out.I presented her with the paperwork on a Thursday and took the kids to a friendu2019s house for a 3 day weekend. German law requires only 72 hour prior notification for this situation due to pre-investigation already performed by the jugendamt (German version of CPS) and the court investigators.Told her that on Monday (in 4 days), my lawyer, a court representative, a court appointed child rights lawyer who also has a minor degree in child psychology and a member of jugendamt would be by the house at 10 am in the morning to interview all members of the family individually. She freaked out and lost it. Screamed at the top of her lungs (I had the kids at a one of their friendu2019s house so they would not hear this), freaked out and said Fuck you, I will have a great life and you are out of your mind. I am getting everything. She was in total denial and was pissed offI told her she might want to read the documents I had given her and then I handed her cards with all the numbers of the people coming on Monday plus the German legal aid office. Told her she need to make some calls and find out where she stood legally.When the kids and I returned on Sunday she was very, very subdued. Interviews occurred on Monday. After the interviews my wife was visibly very upset and asked to speak to me privately.I asked the kids to go outside for a while and I would call them when we were done speaking.She them totally lost it, crying, weeping, telling me she does not want to lose her children, begging me to forgive her and take her back. She was in total shock and now realized the actual reality of our (especially her) situation.I told her I need time to think about it. About a week later I had her sign a legal agreement that the legal separation, divorce and custody battle were on hold for 2 years. I told her (and gave her in writing) a list of things that were deal breakers.If any of them were violated, then all bets were off and she would be out of the house in 30 days or less. She agreed to them and ended her previously behavior completely. She then understood that I did all this because in my opinion, children should be the first and highest priority in their parents lives. Also anyone that I believed to be a bad influence, example or a detriment to the well being of my children is going to be removed from their lives regardless of who it is.Why did she ask me to forgive her and take her back? She was informed during her interview (she went last) and by the German legal aid office of the following:She was going to be removed from the house in no more than 30 to 60 days (possibly sooner).I would have full custody, parental rights and authority of the children.She was legally forbidden to enter the house or see the children without my permission other than her CPS supervised visits in our (actually, soon to be my)house every other weekend.None of her friends and/or associates on the list I had provided to my lawyer were allowed near or to have any contact with our children.Violations of this were punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to a 15,000 ($18,000) Euro fine.She would get no alimony as it no longer exits in Germany due to court decisions and new written laws in 2023. 2023 and 2023. Only exceptions are in the case of a handicapped child or parent or if there is a exceptionally large family of 4 or more kids.She would be forced to get a job and if necessary attend an Ausbildung (apprenticeship).Once she had a job, she would be required to pay me child support depending on how much she earned.Everything I had earned, acquired or saved before we were married (which was substantial) was not joint property and she would not be getting any of it. Cars, 2 houses (not in Germany), furniture, retirement accounts, my inheritance from my mother (who was still alive at this time), the kids saving accounts she would no longer have access to. She was also shocked that many of the things we had acquired while married were now in a trust for the kids and not joint property. This included the house we were living in, certain bank accounts, my life insurance polies would be paid to the same (maybe she should have carefully read the legal separation agreement that she signed that she asked me to get).
If you don't have custody of your child and are putting out the effort to be in their life. How can you get your child to respect you?
God damn I wish I had an easy answer for you. I have 50/50 custody of my son. I wish I could be a 100% custody father, and a stay at home dad on top of that. Unfortunately, even the 50% of the time that my son is with me, I donu2019t get to see him all the time. Take today, for example. Iu2019m doing a 24 hour shift at the hospital, so I will miss seeing him after school tonight. I wonu2019t do his homework with him, or practice piano, or read him a bed time story. And next weekend, he will be with his mom. So Iu2019ll miss that again.Hereu2019s how I deal with it. First, make the best of the time you have with your children. Be as involved as you possibly can. Make sure that as much as possible, nothing gets in your way. I have food prepped so I donu2019t spend much time cooking. I let the house get messy, knowing I can clean up when heu2019s gone. I donu2019t run errands when I have him, I let them stack up and take care of it when heu2019s with his mom.Next, keep a long distance view of things. Iu2019m hopeful that when my son is older, he will see that everything I did was for him. All the time I missed because I was at work is what secured his college fund and his comfortable life for him. I tried my best to be as involved as I could. At present, all he sees is that daddy is not there all the time. Compounding this is the fact that his mom says disparaging things about me to him. So for now I definitely donu2019t feel much affection or respect from him. Iu2019m hoping that will change.Next, stop worrying about whether your child respects you. They wonu2019t. And thatu2019s not unique to part time parents. Youu2019re not there to earn their respect or friendship. You are there to steward them into adulthood. I hate, absolutely hate, being the enforcer. But thatu2019s my job. When he misbehaves, if I let him run wild, thatu2019s not helping him. If he doesnu2019t want to do his reading, and I indulge him, is that being a good father? My job is to be the father. Unfortunately, Iu2019m often the bad cop, because nobody else will do it. But, Iu2019m the only father he has, and thatu2019s my job, not anyone elseu2019s. So I do it.Finally, find something else to help you stay sane. If youu2019re anything like me, you will be overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and inadequacy at not being a full time parent. Unfortunately, thereu2019s nothing you can do about it. The sooner you accept your lot and find a method to cope with it, the better off youu2019ll be. If you just sit at home alone and perseverate about what a horrible parent you are, youu2019ll end up clinically depressed and an even worse parent. I enjoy cooking, going on bike rides, and spending time with my girlfriend. Find what helps you stay sane.Best of luck.
How did you get rid of your depression?
For the outer world I'm the happy and jovial person, but inside me, there is deep silence, confused soul, millions of thoughts, unanswered questions, worries and sorrows.I'm not showing what I am to the outer world. There is a fake mask of happiness, joyful and jovial on me.Before solving any issues, find the root cause of it.I did the same!I find the root cause of my depression. Here it goes.LonelinessIntrovert natureOverthinking.An abundant amount of free timeThese are all the root cause of my depression.I hardly make friendship with anyone, because of my introverted nature.I hardly Interact with anyone.I hardly meet new people.I spend my entire weekend either in theatre or in my room alone.I think a lot about the future.When you spend more time with yourself you will go to depression. It's a hard truth and which I found through my analysis.Many people have their own pattern to overcome their depression. Some people get rid of depression through masturbation, meditation, alcohol, cigarette, drugs, sex, pornography etc.,What's my solution?Well, I started making myself busy. When you are busy 90% of the times you don't get time to think of depression, problems and pain.99% of depression problems can be solved when you are busy and occupied.An empty mind is a devilu2019s workshop.I started interacting with some quora followers and started meeting them.I started being responsible for my career and responsibilities.I started going for a solo ride to the unknown destination to meet unknown people on the journey.I just booked a hotel for my upcoming solo trip to Pondicherry on my birthday. u2764I started being a fitness freak. Running, skipping, push-ups, crunches and planks. Uffu2026. No time to think of depression at all.Besides that, I have started preparing for my RBI exams seriously this time. Even I purchased the online video course by paying a hefty amount by a branded coaching institute.It's only one life we get and we don't know whether we will get one more chance to born or not as a human being. So, enjoy the journey. Don't be sad and depressed, because all our problems will die one day, just like us.Enjoy life, because life is temporary, just like our problems and pain.So, I'm fully occupied! I don't have time for depression.Oops! Time and work are going onu2026If a beautiful girl can make 5 men fall in love in 7 days and 8 hours, how many days it required to entice 10 men by 2 beautiful girls excluding weekends? :DIt's really hard to question you know, now I need to find the root cause for this beautiful girl problem :DTime is proportional to work. See you later. Got occupied in solving and learning the fundamentals of time and work.PS: I'm really bad at aptitude and attitude :((Your little appreciation and honest feedback make me write even more. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.)Thanks for reading, Yours,Rakshith Akira u270d
How do you get the court to see your ex as a narcissist in a child custody case?
Why does it matter to you for the judge to see your ex as a narcissist? What do you think the judge will do if he sees your ex as a narcissist? What do you want him to do? What impact will it have on your children if the judge sees your ex as a narcissist? How will it impact your goals for your children? What are your goals for your children?The judge is never going to feel the way you do about your ex, and likely doesnu2019t care whether your ex is a narcissist or not. The judge is interested in rendering orders that are in the best interest of the children.Hurt feelings, distrust, and fear of what is going to happen create emotional blinders that make us see things and react in ways that are unhelpful to us and our children. That is why we need to repair our mindsets first so that we can see a path to a better future before finalizing a divorce or child custody case.The problem is, we see what we see and our perceptions are our perceptions. We canu2019t tell when our emotions are getting in the way of what we need to see. That is why even lawyers hire lawyers to help with their own cases. The fact that you need the judge to see the way you see is a hint that the emotional part of your brain might be interfering with the thinking part.The right questions to ask are: u201cWhat parenting plan would give my children the best possible future,u201d and u201cHow can I help the judge decide this is the best parenting plan?u201d I highly recommend that you find a licensed professional counselor who can help you think past the emotional barriers created by the conflict with your ex so that you can better identify and articulate a plan to achieve your goals.Plano Texas Child Custody Lawyer Preston Park
After my sonu2019s very nasty and evil behaviour my ex-narcissist has now full custody of my 15-year-old child. How do I get my son to realise what his dad is and get him out of that environment?
You can't tell him. It doesn't work.At 15, he should be able to figure things out on his own. Any words from you, painting the father in negative colors would only earn you the reputation for being a villain and a drama queen. If the father is exactly as you describe him, your son will come to realize it soon enough. Based on his critical skills he would measure words against actions. He will ask to be removed from said environment himself unless it works for him (at 15, most kids are very independent and territorial, yet completely receptive to bribery).Alternative version: if you have the money - go ahead and sue the crap out of him. If not, look for legal aid services if they exist where you are. Get online and research that part of the law very well. Prepare yourself and think of what you can gain now. Visitation is a parental right that cannot be lost. File for it. It will return results. Once communication is re- established, you can be his mother, and have any conversations that do not involve the father and what he is. Save your nerves and sanity, you are going to have to keep them intact even if the rest of you isn't.Good luck
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