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How to get Guardianship Of A Child that is not yours Form: What You Should Know

What is the Difference Between Guardianship and Guardianship of a Minor? Guardianship, or an order to take care of a child, can be granted to anyone who is not a relative. However, it MUST be granted if there is not a will and if a court order has not yet been issued. The Guardianship of an Adult If you do not have any legal custody of a minor, there are two options for obtaining guardianship:  Legal Custody (Form G) Legal Guardianship (Form G‑1) are the legal way to acquire Guardianship. The legal name of the Guardianship of an Adult (Form G) is Guardianship. Both of these forms are based on a court order. The Family Law Self-Help Center in Brookline, MA offers both forms in both English and French. The Family Law Self-Help centers also offer forms in Spanish, Korean and Chinese. If you want to go to court with the legal guardianship, there are more costs that will need to be paid. The form must be witnessed in person by someone such as a lawyer or a Judge. The judge must sign the form giving guardianship rights to the parents. The forms also have a fee attached. The Family Law Self-Help Center in Brookline, MA also offers guardianship for people who are in “dignified foster care.” You must meet the following requirements: 1) Be a legally adopted parent (if no parent currently has custody or guardianship). 2) Be able to care for and maintain the child and provide a significant amount of financial support for the child. 3) Be the parent(s) most needed to care for a minor. 4) Be a person who can pay the fees and charges associated with gaining legal guardianship of a ward. The Family Law Self-Help Center in Brookline, MA also offers forms for guardianship for people who have legal guardianship, but who are not an adult. If any of the requirements are not met, a judge will probably need to rule on what is called an “absolute guardian” in the law. This is your best option if you have legal guardianship but are not a parent or grandparent or are no longer in possession of legal guardianship authority. If you are not sure if you are being considered a guardian as opposed to a relative, you may want to speak to a lawyer.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to get Guardianship Of A Child that is not yours

Instructions and Help about How to get Guardianship Of A Child that is not yours

How to get legal guardianship of a child when parents are unable to take care of a child a relative or friend may step in and become the legal guardian of that child generally speaking a guardian is someone other than the parent who has custody and control of a child typically guardians are appointed by a judge in a juvenile or probate court although parents may name someone as guardian of their children in their wills if no guardian is named certain people such as grandparents or other close relatives have the right to ask the court if they can be considered deciding to become a legal guardian learn the responsibilities of a legal guardian generally as a legal guardian you have full control over the child's life just as a parent would typically the child would live with you you also would have the power to make decisions for the child about life issues such as where she goes to school and whether she goes to church if the child's parents are no longer living or if their parental rights have been terminated you also have full financial responsibility for the child otherwise the parents may owe you child support temporary guardians may be appointed in medical emergencies where a parent is refusing to allow necessary medical treatment for his child this would be a more limited guardianship in which you would not have the ability to make decisions for the child in other areas of life typically the child would live with you you also would have the power to make decisions for the child about life issues such as where she goes to school and whether she goes to church if the child's parents are no longer living or if their parental rights have been terminated...

FAQ - How to get Guardianship Of A Child that is not yours

My adult daughter disowned me. What can I do?
I am a daughter and disowned my entire family at 18, I have not spoken to them in almost 7 years, and after reading these comments, I had to comment from an honest perspective.I highly doubt your daughter separated from you for a dumb or no reason.It is a very big choice to make because it leaves you alone in the world without a support group. Itu2019s not something you do for fun or over a petty argument. I can guarantee you that you have done something very, very wrong and damaging for your daughter to make such a huge decision. The answers here patting you on the ass saying u201coh itu2019s her itu2019s not your faultu201d really make me very angry.In my case, my family was severely abusive emotionally and physically the entirety of my childhood and had issues with drugs and alcohol. I spent my entire childhood wanting to die and actively trying to die. I couldnu2019t see my life lasting past my 18th birthday because I was so deadset on killing myself to escape.When I turned 18, I left and never turned back, and immediately my mental health got so much better. I started having motivation for the future, I could focus on my goals, I didnu2019t have to worry about the derogatory comments my family would make or sleep with a knife under my bed in case they tried to come for me while I was sleeping. My life has gotten significantly better in every shape and form since I have cut my family out of my life.My mother likes to run around and act like a victim, however, and has made attempts in the past to come and try to find me, including coming to my apartment complex (which I have no idea how she even found, because I sure as hell didnu2019t give her my address) and knocking on every single door screaming my name. My window was open at the time, so I had to lay on the floor and hide and pray she didnu2019t see me. My mother tells everyone that I just abandoned her for no reason, that she wasnu2019t abusive, that I was the one with the issue.And that is why I will never speak to her again. I honestly canu2019t wait for the day she dies so that I never have to have the small worry in the back of my mind that she will try to find me and do god knows what. Even though I live very, very far away from her now, it still bothers me.If you truly want a relationship with your daughter, reflect on your own actions. You did something wrong. You need to own up for it and make changes. Even if you do, if the damage is too severe, it may be too late to repair things, but the only way you can fix things for sure is to try and redeem yourself.
How can I get out of a guardianship that I donu2019t want to be in anymore and donu2019t feel like I need to?
Whichever entity approved/confirmed you as a guardian, you need to contact them (chances are it will be a court appearance or filing) and ask to be removed.Please be ready to prreasons for it, or potentially suggesting a replacement for you - such as how it affects your life, how much inconvenience/hardship youu2019re experiencing because of it, how little you can contribute to the guardianship role and how much better it could be done by someone else.Itu2019s not clear if the court will take the u201cI donu2019t want tou201d and u201cI donu2019t feel like I need tou201d be an acceptable explanation.You have to contact an attorney if you donu2019t want to contact the court yourself and express your wishes to that attorney, and they can document it for you with proper legal language and compelling/urgent reasons for the court to see the matter in your favor.
How is it possible for me not to get notified of a case regarding guardianship and my parents given custody of my kids when my dad has a felony of child abuse in another state?
The answer is yes. It should NOT happen but it could. If you think there is a pending lawsuit (guardianship is a lawsuit) then go to the courthouse and look at the public records. Most are computerized these days and you would look up the adults names.The only notice you receive is someone handing you a piece of paper that tells you there is a pending lawsuit. That is all that is required in Texas. If a process server or constable tried to serve you and left their card, then you know that there is a pending lawsuit.You need to file a legal document called an Answer in order to be involved in the lawsuit.Of course, I tell people to hire a lawyer to represent them to make sure everything is done properly.
How did you get rid of your depression?
For the outer world I'm the happy and jovial person, but inside me, there is deep silence, confused soul, millions of thoughts, unanswered questions, worries and sorrows.I'm not showing what I am to the outer world. There is a fake mask of happiness, joyful and jovial on me.Before solving any issues, find the root cause of it.I did the same!I find the root cause of my depression. Here it goes.LonelinessIntrovert natureOverthinking.An abundant amount of free timeThese are all the root cause of my depression.I hardly make friendship with anyone, because of my introverted nature.I hardly Interact with anyone.I hardly meet new people.I spend my entire weekend either in theatre or in my room alone.I think a lot about the future.When you spend more time with yourself you will go to depression. It's a hard truth and which I found through my analysis.Many people have their own pattern to overcome their depression. Some people get rid of depression through masturbation, meditation, alcohol, cigarette, drugs, sex, pornography etc.,What's my solution?Well, I started making myself busy. When you are busy 90% of the times you don't get time to think of depression, problems and pain.99% of depression problems can be solved when you are busy and occupied.An empty mind is a devilu2019s workshop.I started interacting with some quora followers and started meeting them.I started being responsible for my career and responsibilities.I started going for a solo ride to the unknown destination to meet unknown people on the journey.I just booked a hotel for my upcoming solo trip to Pondicherry on my birthday. u2764I started being a fitness freak. Running, skipping, push-ups, crunches and planks. Uffu2026. No time to think of depression at all.Besides that, I have started preparing for my RBI exams seriously this time. Even I purchased the online video course by paying a hefty amount by a branded coaching institute.It's only one life we get and we don't know whether we will get one more chance to born or not as a human being. So, enjoy the journey. Don't be sad and depressed, because all our problems will die one day, just like us.Enjoy life, because life is temporary, just like our problems and pain.So, I'm fully occupied! I don't have time for depression.Oops! Time and work are going onu2026If a beautiful girl can make 5 men fall in love in 7 days and 8 hours, how many days it required to entice 10 men by 2 beautiful girls excluding weekends? :DIt's really hard to question you know, now I need to find the root cause for this beautiful girl problem :DTime is proportional to work. See you later. Got occupied in solving and learning the fundamentals of time and work.PS: I'm really bad at aptitude and attitude :((Your little appreciation and honest feedback make me write even more. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.)Thanks for reading, Yours,Rakshith Akira u270d
How do you get a girl to like you?
Getting a girl to like you is MUCH SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK.In this post Iu2019m going to start by explaining what MOST GUYS DO, which causes girls NOT to like them. Which causes girls to ghost them and ignore them. Then Iu2019ll show you how to do exactly the opposite so you can GO BEYOND them simply liking you. Iu2019m going to show you how to make her CHASE YOU.And I want you to understand something before we get started: Women WILL Chase Men. Most women actually crave the chase. But you must give them something to chase.Letu2019s begin.Hereu2019s the biggest thing that most guys do wrong which causes girls to lose interest, ghost and ignore. Itu2019s: BEING TOO INTERESTED.When youu2019re too interested in her, itu2019s a turn off. By the way, this is extremely common and often comes across in subtle ways that the guy doesnu2019t realize.Hereu2019s a really important concept about social dynamics which you must understand: Human Beings (1) Retreat From What Pursues Them and (2) Pursue What Retreats From Them.When you show you are u201ctoo interested,u201d it means you are pursuing her. She can feel that subconsciously. So she retreats. She loses interest. She starts to ghost.You know how people say that women love a u201cbad boy?u201d Well think about the typical bad boy scenario. Does the bad boy chase her? Or does the bad boy live his own u201cbad assu201d life and sheu2019s head-over-heels chasing him? Obviously, the answer is the latter.So, how do most guys show they are u201cTOO INTERESTEDu201d in subtle ways that they donu2019t realize? Well the simple answer is that they come across as being More Interested In Her Than They Are In Themselves.How does this happen?Think about some really common questions a guy might text a girl:- How was your day?- How was your rehearsal?- How was your class?- How was your [anything].- What are you up to?- What are you doing Friday?- I was thinking about you.Do you notice how every one of these questions and statements is asking about HER? Making her the priority? All of these subcommunicate that the guy is more interested in HER than in himself.Think about this example: Imagine that you had 10 or 20 people, texting you stuff like this every day. That can actually sometimes be difficult for guys to imagine because most guys arenu2019t getting 20 text messages a day from random people asking, u201cwhat are you up to?u201dBut for girls (particularly hot girls) it happens ALL THE TIME.Seriously, try to imagine it: 20 different people, some who you barely know (like you met them once for 5 minutes, 3 days ago) and theyu2019re all texting you stuff like: u201cHowu2019s your day going?u201d u201cWhat are you up to?u201dHow annoying would that be? The answer is really annoying. And what would you do? Nothing. Youu2019d ignore these guys and youu2019d ghost them.This is not how you get a girl interested in you.So what do you do instead?Well the first step is to create an interesting life for yourself (independent of attracting girls). The beauty is that u201cinterestingu201d can be anything youu2019re passionate about. Because nothing is inherently interesting. What makes it interesting is YOU. Itu2019s your excitement and passion. Those emotions come across in your vocal tone, your body language, your conversation, your interactions and your entire presence.The second step is to communicate the cool stuff about YOU to her. So instead of asking her the same kinds of boring questions that all the other guys are asking, you TELL HER ABOUT YOU.Again, this is hard for guys to grasp sometimes so Iu2019m going to repeat it: You donu2019t ask about her. You tell her about you. Think about it, how can she become interested in a guy, if all he does is ask about her? She doesnu2019t learn anything about him to become interested in.Doing this also shows her that youu2019re more interested in yourself than in her. WHICH IS WHAT SHE WANTS, by the way. Remember the bad boy example. Is the bad boy interested in her? Or is he interested in his u201cbad assu201d life?Mark my words here: Women (particularly hot women) do not become sexually attracted to men who make HER the center of attention (because she can get that from any guy). Instead, she becomes sexually attracted to men who lead interesting, u201cbad assu201d lives and bring her along for the ride.So what are some examples of texting her something about you?u201cI just got new rims on my {whatever your vehicle is}, theyu2019re sick.u201du201cI just got back from skiing up in {wherever}, the powder was off the chain.u201du201cI just posted a picture of me wearing my new jacket from {whatever your favorite brand is}.u201dSeriously. You just tell her something cool about you. Unprompted. Donu2019t wait for her to ask.Just tell her.This shows that you are an interesting dude, with things to do, and are not making her the center of attention. You give her something to get curious about.Think about her scrolling through 20 messages that say, u201chow are you,u201d and u201cwhat are you up to,u201d and then finding u201cjust got back from a bad ass skiing trip, hereu2019s a picture of me.u201dWhich message creates more curiosity???Now if youu2019re a guy who is FINALLY ready to attract the woman of your dreams (or multiple women - if thatu2019s your dream) the get yourself a copy of my course Honey Love - Make Women Obsessed With You.The course includes a complete BOOT CAMP to get you out there meeting girls FAST. The course also includes everything you need to master TEXTING GIRLS, FLIRTING, BANTERING, EYE CONTACT, ESCALATING KINO (i.e. how to increase the attraction through touching her) AND MUCH MORE.Check out this FREE video which explains the Complete Honey Love SystemWith Honey Love, attracting hotter women is EASIER than you ever thought possibleu2026
How do I crack UPSC CSE in the first attempt while being under any circumstances?
I will share my story and the strategy that I followed to clear the coveted Civil Services Exam in the first attempt.First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. Civil services was never childhood dream. I did not start preparing from my school days and if anyone tells you that you need to start preparing from 8th standard, it is a myth and do not take them at face value.I did my B.Tech from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in Kerala. After graduating in 2023 I was working with ITC Limited, as a mechanical engineer. It was during my stint at ITC that I decided to prepare. So, I put in my papers in the June of 2023 and started preparing from July 2016.Term of preparation:- I started my preps from July 2023 and wrote Prelims in June 2023. So that is a total of 11 months of focused preparation before appearing for CSE 2017.So let me now come to the topic of how to crack civil services in the first attempt.These are some prerequisites that anyone should have before starting their preparation.Unflinching self belief:- No one in the world is going to believe in you and your capabilities. And every tom, dick and harry will not miss any oppertunity to question your abilities and to blame you for every decision. So you of all people should believe in you, without that kind of confidence in yourself, seeing through this exam would become a Herculian task.Having an original plan/strategy:- Before I started my preparation for civil services, I had gone through strategies of many toppers. What I found out was that no two people had cleared this exam with the same strategy, but the common factor that runs through all those toppers were that they had their own strategies. Now that is rule number one. Do not blindly follow the strategy shown to you by a coaching institute or any topper, you need to have your own plan which magnifies your strong points and diminishes your weaknesses.Be tougher than the exam:- The civil services exam is dubiously dubbed as the toughest exam in the world. So to master the exam you need to tougher than it. You need to be prepared to face failures and get up and fight back stronger.Know your syllabus:- The most common mistake that most aspirants make is that they fail to go through the syllabus for the exam. Knowing what the syllabus demands and not demands is absolutely necessary fpr clearing this exam. Only then will we be able to target our efforts for quick results. Merely pouring through volumes and volumes of history and geography is not what the exam demands. there is a very highly defined syllabus and our effort should be to cover as much of the syllabus with as much clarity as possible.It is breadth that matters and not depth:- The Civil Services Exam is an examination to recruit generalist bureaucrats who would be able to handle any department under the government. The exam, therefore, demands the exact same thing, your vastness and breadth of understanding matters and not depth of understanding in any subject. A common mistake that I have seen aspirants make is that they try to cover a subject from cover to cover and in the end amassing as much knowledge in the subject as a PhD holder in that subject would have. Whereas the exam demands a mere fraction of that knowledge.Should one attend a coaching class to clear Civil Service Exam?This is perhaps the first decision any civil service aspirant will have to make before starting your preparation. Now this is highly subjective. Given the huge amount of online content that is available now-a-days it is perfectly possible to clear the CSE without joining any coaching institute.But I had enrolled at a coaching centre in Kerala. I did so because, at the start of my preparation I had absolutely no idea about the exam or how to prepare for the same. So for me some amount of guidance and handholding was necessary for me.Now I should add a word of caution here. Even if a candidate decides to join some coaching class there is only so much classes can do (at best say 20u201330% of the work might get done in a classroom), it will entirely depend on how much effort that you put in that will decide your result.What books should I read?This is again a very subjective topic and there is not a single comprehensive book list that will help you clear this exam.NCERT Text books of history, geography, economics and polity from class Vi to XII are a must read in my opinion. Reading these books will help you cover and basics and create a strong foundation which you can supplement with your further reading. Personally almost 60% of my knowledge base for the static subjects come from NCERT text books.Below is a list of books that I followed for my preparation.The key here is to select the books you are comfortable with and to stick with them. Reading all the material that comes out daily is both impractical and unfruitful. Reading the same texts multiple times will be much more beneficial.How important is newspaper reading?Newspapers are vital for any preparation strategy. I used to spend atleast 2u20133 hours daily reading the newspaper. It helps one cement the concepts and helps you evolve opinions and will help you analyse a given situation from multiple perspectives. This will come in handy especially during mains and interview stages.I used to prepare notes from The Hindu daily on the evernote app. This helped me stay organised. During the last 2 months of prelims preparation, I further reduced my one year worth of newspaper notes into crisp notes that filled one 100 page notebook. I read this condensed version multiple times and was the major source for current affairs preparation for prelims as well as mains.How important is mock exams?Mocks tests are very very very very very important in all the three stages of the exam. I cannot stress the importance of mock tests any more.For Prelims, giving lot of mock tests will help you refine your strategy to maximise your scoring. For some answering only those questions which they are absolutely sure of will do the trick. Whereas for someone else (like me) maximizing the number of attempts may help clear the cut off. And there is only one way to find out the strategy that will work for you, do umpteen number of mock exams.Perhaps, mock tests for mains are the most important. In mains it is not how much you know that matters, but how well you can articulate the things that you know in the limited time that is available. Mains answer writing is a skill, which can be mastered only with practice.Choosing the right optional subjectThe optional paper can make or break your career. So be very careful in choosing your optional. Your criteria while choosing the optional should beDo you like the subject, enough to spend thousands of hours pouring over it.Is there good guidance available for the subject. Especially are there good mock tests with good feedback available for the chosen subject.Also check the trend of past few years and check the scoring trend. However this should be the last consideration and the primary consideration should be for your passion for the subject.Pacing your preparation:-It is of utmost importance to rightly pace your preparation so that you never run out of steam. One must start slowly, but steadily build up momentum so that he/she can give the final push close to the examination.But the most important aspect to clearing this exam is to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. One must thoroughly enjoy the preparation phase to be able to bear with the stress that this exam puts on an aspirant. Take it one day at a time, enjoying the learning process and you are sure to succeed.All the very best!!
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