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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Reverse temporary custody order

Instructions and Help about Reverse temporary custody order

The following does not constitute individualized legal advice for your case if at all possible you are encouraged to consult with an attorney a list of legal resources can be found on the Oregon judicial department website courts Oregon gov under family law programs getting divorced or seeking custody of your children can be a stressful time in many instances divorce custody and parenting time cases can take many months before a final order is issued you may want the court to issue a temporary order to control the child's situation in the meantime temporary orders can be filed by either party in the case why are temporary custody and parenting time orders needed sometimes when parents are unable to agree on where their children should live or what their parenting time schedule should be temporary orders from a judge may be needed mediation may help you resolve these differences however mediation is not always appropriate especially if there are concerns about domestic violence how our temporary orders obtained you must file a motion or request with the court and a hearing will likely be scheduled within one or two months depending on your county for the case to move forward you will have to go to mediation or have it waived mediation is a confidential session where both parents meet with a counselor trained in communication and child development if you feel unsafe to be in the same room with the other parent the mediator may suggest other ways to have a safe discussion or the judge may waive it altogether in order for a temporary order to be issued in some cases a hearing won't be scheduled unless the other side files a response to the motion assistance with any forms you need to complete is available in the family law department forms may also be available on local port websites status quo a status quo order is used if you have been following a parenting schedule with the other parent for at least three months and want that schedule to stay the same moving forward status quo orders are used to maintain a situation nothing can change when this order is in place why use a status whole order if you're concerned the other parent may change the accrete upon schedule keep the child when the child has been staying with you or that they might move with the child a status quo order prevents the parties involved from making any changes about the child's schedule until the parties reach an agreement or the final order is issued by the judge the simplest way to get a status quo order is to fill out the paperwork and talk to the court clerk's about how to proceed immediate danger or emergency child custody order an immediate danger order provides emergency temporary custody and parenting time immediate danger orders are granted when a child is in danger right at the time of filing meaning that the child is.

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